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When I began my personal foray into creativity in my life, I had no idea if I was any good at any of it. I was scared of trying new things.  Still am sometimes.  I discovered three things that helped me keep being creative and bring it into my own world.

The first thing was I did was try to do something creative every day. It did not matter what it looked like or what it was but it was one thing. A journal page written or drawn, an artist trading card made, an art lesson accomplished or sometimes even getting up out of bed in the morning is enough creativity for me.

Hi. I’m Katherine E. Soto owner and creator of this Creative Enterprises website.
How did I get to be such a pro at creativity?
I practice creativity every day.
However the creativity I practice does not require you to be an artist, writer, dancer or even have a single ounce of creativity in you.
Creativity, the way I live and teach it, becomes part of you. It’s alive and never leaves you.
It comes in making small changes!

The second thing I did was begin to learn about creativity and the things I wanted to do. I read books about writing and editing. I took classes online from experts. I am always looking for free stuff to do online.  I created a small library about writing so I have things I can refer to when I need help.  I learned from experts by watching what they do.  There is a lot to learn in this big world.

The third thing I did was begin to communicate with other creative people whether it was writers, artist or anyone with an interest in what we were talking about. Sharing work, getting new ideas, and finding someone who thinks like you do or enjoys the same things gives me a good feeling inside.  I began to build a community of people I know and trust.  It’s done online for the most part because it is an easy way to communicate all over the world.

What did I do after I put these three things together? I use them everyday.  I work on my writing. I play with my art. I read books in my genre as an author. I read books for fun. I communicate with other people.  I work on being creative each day.
I say it’s easy to be creative, yet I work at it every day?  It’s my passion.
I want every person I talk to to know that they can create a new world for themselves by using creativity. It’s easy. It’s simple things done during the day.  It’s creating, learning, and communicating in a community in some way every day.

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